Browsers: Number Game

I am back blogging here after hibernation!

Currently both IE and FF latest versions are going around with RC status. Soon IE7 and FF 2.0 will live. I used IE7 couple of times and I still prefer FF than IE7. The only drawback and which is forcing me to use IE is when I visit my local language websites which are apparently not good to view/ read in FF. One of my friends was saying the FF3.0 will have good support for my local language. I have to still use IE till then. Another place I use IE is at office because of my product being strictly supported for IE :-(. Hopefully with this competition around on browsers we being users gets benefited with the innovations/ good featured added to browsers.

Here are the latest numbers from arstechnica.

According to report the usage of IE is drastically coming down and the gaining of other browsers at the expense of IE. Makes no sense to compare with IE being occupied wht more than 80% market share but makes sense FF is gaining more popularity with more than 10% share.

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Yahoo Mail Beta !

If you are Yahoo mail user, get this tweak done to access the latest beta access. J This is more of like fitting outlook.


* log in to Yahoo Mail
* click Options
* select Account information from the left panel
* go to Member Information, General Preferences, Preferred Content
* select, for example, Yahoo UK, /Germany, /France
* click Finished
* go to Yahoo Mail
* you'll see a page that says "It's the New Yahoo! Mail Beta… and you're invited."
* click on "Try Beta Now".

* Make sure you are changed back to what you are (US English).

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Triple Boot via BootCamp

Now triple boot is possible on Mac book. Yes, that is true, OS X, Windows XP and Linux. You can have all three :-).If you are planning for that follow these instructions from onmac wiki.

Coming days I can see lot of sales for Apple iBook, mac mini….. I also should get one soon for me πŸ™‚ 

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Google calender

I feel Google released good working beta product after long time. I personally liked it. The features I like are, you are can have “N” number of cals and sharing of cals outside the world. I can have my one for my family, one for my personal…. It is supporting CSV. I dont know if the integration with Gmail is done or not. I am expecting email alert for an event, which I dint check now.

Ease of use is good compared to other cals we have already,

Potential drawback is you cannot use it offline. I think we will get a tool in couple of weeks which is an offline tool can be sync with Google cal when you are online and download all the latest.:-(

Here you go

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Web 2.0 Companies

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Google–what you get for $400 a share

As of today Google is worth 100+ billion market cap and it got most of its
revenue just because of Advertising concept. Cnet has list of all Google
products and its rivals list competing. Yahoo, as of today is competing in all
product areas. MS is little late in this war Keywords advertising and Search
but shaping up well. There revenues keep on increasing and I don’t see major
threat to Google unless there is a big rock thrown on them in 2006. I wonder
what else could be the Google strategy to earn money other than advertising.
Read more at about products list at CNET

UPDATE: And more Lawsuits against them πŸ™‚ Recent lawsuit is on VOIP Patent read more at searchenginejournal. Then how skpe is survived from sue. Is it different from Gtalk/ Skype has not done any infringement? I dont know and I cannot read 38 pages of document.

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A Little Linux Joke

Son of Bill Gates asks his father:

– Dad, I’d like to try to have sex, what should I do?

– That’s simple, sonny. Just take the biggest car from my garage, dress
the best suit you have and take the girl into the most deluxe
restaurant in the town. Rent a horse chariot in the evening and take
her for a trip around the lake. Buy her the biggest bunch of flowers
you can buy. Finally rent a president suite and she’ll be yours. And
that’s all.

– But Dad! Where are the romantic walks, grazes, reading of poetry in the moonlight, flirting …

– My boy… all this was invented by the Linux folks so that they can have sex for free.

via Roumen         

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Firefox shipping on Dell UK

I read this news copule of weeks back and dint post until I get confirmed news.  Read more

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Wasting Time on the Internet

If I am bored I prefer this list as the best sources for me to waste my precious time. πŸ™‚



Slashdot. (Comments)


ZdNet blogs

Here is one more list from Sqquidoo Wasting

What is yours?

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A Man and His Vision for the Browser

Tim Berners-Lee talking about browsers and open source, Read more at eWeek.

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