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Google–what you get for $400 a share

As of today Google is worth 100+ billion market cap and it got most of its
revenue just because of Advertising concept. Cnet has list of all Google
products and its rivals list competing. Yahoo, as of today is competing in all
product areas. MS is little late in this war Keywords advertising and Search
but shaping up well. There revenues keep on increasing and I don’t see major
threat to Google unless there is a big rock thrown on them in 2006. I wonder
what else could be the Google strategy to earn money other than advertising.
Read more at about products list at CNET

UPDATE: And more Lawsuits against them πŸ™‚ Recent lawsuit is on VOIP Patent read more at searchenginejournal. Then how skpe is survived from sue. Is it different from Gtalk/ Skype has not done any infringement? I dont know and I cannot read 38 pages of document.

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A Little Linux Joke

Son of Bill Gates asks his father:

– Dad, I’d like to try to have sex, what should I do?

– That’s simple, sonny. Just take the biggest car from my garage, dress
the best suit you have and take the girl into the most deluxe
restaurant in the town. Rent a horse chariot in the evening and take
her for a trip around the lake. Buy her the biggest bunch of flowers
you can buy. Finally rent a president suite and she’ll be yours. And
that’s all.

– But Dad! Where are the romantic walks, grazes, reading of poetry in the moonlight, flirting …

– My boy… all this was invented by the Linux folks so that they can have sex for free.

via Roumen         

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Firefox shipping on Dell UK

I read this news copule of weeks back and dint post until I get confirmed news.  Read more

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Wasting Time on the Internet

If I am bored I prefer this list as the best sources for me to waste my precious time. πŸ™‚



Slashdot. (Comments)


ZdNet blogs

Here is one more list from Sqquidoo Wasting

What is yours?

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A Man and His Vision for the Browser

Tim Berners-Lee talking about browsers and open source, Read more at eWeek.

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Firefox 1.5 Stability Problems?

Information week has posted the comments/ problems grouped from FF 1.5 users. For me I see memory usage as a big issue.

  • Firefox’s use of physical and virtual memory is exceptionally high.
  • CPU usage spikes to 100 percent (usually while loading a Web page).
  • The browser freezes up for seconds, minutes, or permanently.
  • The browser won’t launch until they remove an errant “firefox.exe” process in Task Manager.
  • The browser crashes suddenly (usually while loading a Web page).
  • The browser has trouble loading specific pages, but there’s no commonality among users as to which pages won’t load.
  • The initial launch of Firefox loads slower.
  • Third-party application hyperlinks (such as a link in an
    e-mail message) take a long time to open a new Firefox tab or to launch
    the browser.

    Read more at Informationweek

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Google Releases Year-End Zeitgeist

Google released  Year End Zeitgeist in three categories. Google search, Google News and Froogle. Read more:

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Firefox is streets ahead of IE on European computers

A study by technology company AdTech says that the popularity of the
open-source browser has grown by 40 percent over the last six months.
This is cool because they study usage, and not just what people are
using. Read more

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Tim Berners-Lee blogs

Father of the web is blogging. There are 384 comments for a single post.:-)

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Google Safe Browsing for Firefox

It has two parts, first part is Google has released something which is good
from evil called phishing or spoofing. The other part is Google is taking all
the private/ personal data from us via this extension.

Check the extension here.

Check the evil how Google is doing that.

Now you decide if you want to have it or not for your Firefox.

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