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Yahoo Mail Beta !

If you are Yahoo mail user, get this tweak done to access the latest beta access. J This is more of like fitting outlook.


* log in to Yahoo Mail
* click Options
* select Account information from the left panel
* go to Member Information, General Preferences, Preferred Content
* select, for example, Yahoo UK, /Germany, /France
* click Finished
* go to Yahoo Mail
* you'll see a page that says "It's the New Yahoo! Mail Beta… and you're invited."
* click on "Try Beta Now".

* Make sure you are changed back to what you are (US English).

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Triple Boot via BootCamp

Now triple boot is possible on Mac book. Yes, that is true, OS X, Windows XP and Linux. You can have all three :-).If you are planning for that follow these instructions from onmac wiki.

Coming days I can see lot of sales for Apple iBook, mac mini….. I also should get one soon for me 🙂 

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Google calender

I feel Google released good working beta product after long time. I personally liked it. The features I like are, you are can have “N” number of cals and sharing of cals outside the world. I can have my one for my family, one for my personal…. It is supporting CSV. I dont know if the integration with Gmail is done or not. I am expecting email alert for an event, which I dint check now.

Ease of use is good compared to other cals we have already,

Potential drawback is you cannot use it offline. I think we will get a tool in couple of weeks which is an offline tool can be sync with Google cal when you are online and download all the latest.:-(

Here you go

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