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Browsers: Number Game

I am back blogging here after hibernation!

Currently both IE and FF latest versions are going around with RC status. Soon IE7 and FF 2.0 will live. I used IE7 couple of times and I still prefer FF than IE7. The only drawback and which is forcing me to use IE is when I visit my local language websites which are apparently not good to view/ read in FF. One of my friends was saying the FF3.0 will have good support for my local language. I have to still use IE till then. Another place I use IE is at office because of my product being strictly supported for IE :-(. Hopefully with this competition around on browsers we being users gets benefited with the innovations/ good featured added to browsers.

Here are the latest numbers from arstechnica.

According to report the usage of IE is drastically coming down and the gaining of other browsers at the expense of IE. Makes no sense to compare with IE being occupied wht more than 80% market share but makes sense FF is gaining more popularity with more than 10% share.

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